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Birding Through the Yucatan Peninsula

*Sitio Arqueológico de Calakmul.


*Dos Naciones.


Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve

*Xocen Birding Trail 


*Chichén Itza

*Ek Balam

Carpintero Yucateco #2.jpg


*Malecon Tajamar



*Reserva Toh

*Felipe Carillo Puerto

*Tres Garantías

Aguila Elegante.jpg

*Calakmul Biosphere Reserve

About me 


I have a deep understanding on the birds from the Yucatan and knowledge on natural history of the region and I understand the ranges of the birds.

I´m proud of my heritage and I´m eager to share my knowledge with everyone that I meet. My connections to the local villages of my  family near to the Ruins of Chichén Itza allows me to personally and intinately share their culture away from the commercial sites often visited by other tours. I´m  warm, humble and patient. 

Calle 33  x 30 y 32 S/N Chankom Yucatán Col. Centro C.P. 97758

Tel: +52 1 9851132750

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