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Meet my partners 

Guides are professional & committed to offering well-designed and personalized nature and cultural tours throughout the Yucatán Peninsula by the Mexican government.

Victoria Estrella Canul
Bird Guide 

As a graduate in tourism development, her human and work training has focused on the creation of ecotourism activities, community development, working on flora and fauna research projects, training of tourist cooperatives in environmental issues and low impact tourism.

Have the certification of Tourist Guide modality: Tourism oriented towards nature NOM-09-TUR- 2002 and Cultural Guide NOM-08-TUR-2002 has allowed her to get to know the natural resources and cultural manifestations of the Yucatan peninsula to national and foreign tourists. 

She es currently pursuing a Master of Science in Natural Resources and Rural Development at the  academic unit of ECOSUR-CAMPECHE.

Karime Unda Harp
Bird Guide 

Karime is a PhD  student in Ecology and Sustainable Development at Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR) in México, specialized in birds of prey. Karime is concerned about the response of birds to anthropogenic disturbance, and about  all the information about Neotropical ecosystems. She is a bird guide in Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo. She really enjoys hiking  in the jungle, with pleasant talks, in search of birds of the region. And if they are birds of prey, much better.

Joel Ortega Pimienta 
Bird Guide 

Joel Francisco Ortega Pacheco As a wildlife biologist he had participated on several research and conservation projects, such as bird diversity in natural protected areas, nesting ecology, bioacoustics and behavior research. He is very interested in the sustainable development of local communities, that is why in most of the tours we get support from the people of the community for food, local guidance and lodging. He is also an official nature guide certified by the Mexican government which makes him improve safety and quality in the service. Birds are his job, his hobby, his passion, and now his goal is to offer you memorable birding experiences in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Elvis Jiménez 
Bird Guide & Nature photographer

Elvis G. Jiménez Reyes, as a nature lover he has worked hardly on teaching kids at schools about the importance of nature and the different species we have in our habitats, he wants to help communities by working hand to hand with habitans and local guides and lodgings, that is why on his guidance we use their help to support their economy so they protect nature. He is a certified nature guide by the federal gobernment which provides safety and quality on the service. His goal is to offer you a memorable experience in the yucatan peninsula.

Carlos Cutiz May 
Cultural Guide 

 He's  a guide in the arqueological site of Chichen itza. He does cultural tours about the mayan city. for him is a honor share his culture and traditios with the visitors. With him the Tour takes about 1:30 minutes. We start in the main plaza and the last stop is at the south side.

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-25 at 7.42.09 PM.jpeg
Lugo Castellanos  
Birdwatching Guide

 He is a General nature guide, focused on searching, identifying and photographing birds, in the Yucatan Peninsula, Guatemala and Belize

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